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All our wine comes from our own 

vineyards, dry-farmed and worked in a traditional way with deep respect for nature and its biological cycles.

A peculiar characteristic of these vineyards are their names. Appearing over time, these names tell us the stories that are typical of that place. 

A good example of this is a centennial vineyard ‘La Regalona’ a Chilean word which loosely means ‘the dear one’ given this name for its abundant and noble production.  All our wines come from our own vines that are worked in a traditional way and with a deep respect for nature and its biological cycles.


Cuarteles Viña Prado
El Recorrido
La Regalona
La Cancha
De Manolo
La Rosada
La Loma
La Escuela
La Vega
De Juan Flores
La Alambrada
El Rancho
Paso Blanco
La Cabernet
La Última
Las Pataguas
Loma La Regalona
Heritage Varieties

We are winegrowers from the oldest winegrowing tradition in Chile and our wish is to continue to cultivate what are known as the heritage varieties. 

Among the oldest are the varieties País and Moscatel de Alejandría, introduced to the country in 1548.  The next to standout are Moscatel Rosada and Carignan, both of these varieties have been cultivated for at least 70 years. The age of our vineyards varies between 60 and 150 years, they are cultivated in the gobelet system, as is characteristic of this zone. Also outstanding are our small 

productions of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. It is important to note that all our grapes come from ungrafted vines. 

Soil and Climate

Viña Prado is located in the Secano Interior Territory, 36 km west of Chillán.  This territory, adjacent to the Cordillera de la Costa, is known for being a dry-farmed vineyard zone and is characterized by its topographically wavy soils with low organic matter. 

The climate is mediterranean, 

temperate, and with a dry season of 4 to 5 months.

These ideal long and warm summers, coupled with relatively mild and wet winters, allow the cultivation of healthy mature grapes and the production of balanced 

wines with perfect acidity

The characteristic red soil of granite and clay has bountiful quartz in the top layers and is the perfect substrate for cultivating our varieties.  A singular feature is depth of the vine roots, seeking water up-to 5m deep, and a clear indication of centuries long 

adaptation to the soils of the Itata Valley.

Production Ethics

Our vineyards are cultivated in a traditional way, with a constant dialogue between nature and those who cultivate. 

The vineyards are dry-farmed and are only watered by rainfall; they are free from pesticides and insecticides. No irrigation means that ground preparation is required; this is done the old way, using a horse-drawn plough. 

Consistent with our natural production ethic, each vine is carefully dug, pruned and 

harvested by hand.

A special mention should be given to our horses; a team of 10 do the ploughing, 

completing the task in 2 to 3 months. For the rest of the year they enjoy their freedom and the wilderness. 

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